About St Nicholas Church in Great Wilbraham

The church dates from the 11th century and is of stone / flint construction and built in the shape of a cross. It has a clay tiled roof that underwent extensive renovation during the 19th century. In common with most old parish churches, there is a constant list of repairs and maintenance required to keep it in satisfactory repair.

Although our church building is owned by the Diocese of Ely, the responsibility for its upkeep rests with the Vicar, the Churchwarden, members of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) and those who live within the parish that it serves.  The Church of England is generally unable to afford and contribute to the fund of repairs to its parish churches.

In recent decades the money donated by those who attend church services only covers the shared cost of the Vicar’s salary, utility bills, insurance etc leaving the cost of maintenance and repair generally unfunded. In 1986 a group of interested villagers set up the St Nicholas Great Wilbraham Trust with the objective of raising money for its maintenance and repair.

We are fortunate that many people who do not participate in the religious life of Great Wilbraham through regular worship at St Nicholas still appreciate the dominant role that the church building plays within the village landscape and respond to appeals from the Trust by making regular monthly payments or one off contributions or otherwise supporting the Trusts fund raising activities.